Tirea Smith, Board Member

Tirea Smith, DOV Board Member

Tirea Smith was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She gave her life to the Lord in September 1998. She joined Daughters of Virtue Ministries and received extensive training in all areas of empowering women to become whole and to serve the Lord to their full capacity. She moved to Atlanta, GA in 2001 and became an active member of Rivers of Love Christian Church. She took her first mission trip to Cape Town, South Africa in 2001 where she developed a passion for the nation and the people. She chose to live in both Durban and Cape Town South Africa for short periods of time. She has traveled to different parts of Africa and to Iceland. Tirea’s heart is set on serving and trusting the Lord in every area of her life. Her desire is to continue going to the nations and working with women and children.