The Walk of a Woman

Created in His image

Then separated out of man

Fashioned for His glory

Built with strength to stand

Shapes that change

Highlighted by curves

Clothed in His essence

Hearts purposed to serve

Dynamic and bright

Engineered to delight

Our families and friends

We never lose sight

The roles we fill

Are varied and true

From wife and mother

To sister, friend and daughter too

Skilled to perform

We aim to please

Our greatest accomplishments

Begin on our knees

Employed to help others

We seem to never stop

In our businesses, churches, and households

We go full out

Negotiating, counseling

Encouragement and support

No matter the day or hour

Our assignments we never abort

Busy is our mantra

Schedules are our guide

But it’s our intimacy with Christ

That allows us to survive

Walk on God-woman

Through every victory, every storm

You walk as the exception

Not as the norm

Stand firm woman

You are more that the talk

Stand firm mighty woman

We are watching you walk